This Photographer Captures His Sons in Imaginative Fictional Fantasies

Gabe Tomoiaga's childhood portraits combine his skills in photography and painting to create a series of surreal works of art. Each of the pictures in the collection is a lifelike depiction of his sons engulfed in fantastical worlds.

Tomoiaga draws inspiration from the innocence of his sons, all of whom are under the age of four. He celebrates their childhood and reveres the fact that they find enjoyment in mundane occurrences. The birth of his sons also allowed Tomoiaga to enter into more conceptual art, which is now represented through his series of childhood portraits.

The images in the photo series perfectly capture childhood innocence. The most surreal picture in the collection would be an image of one of his sons lying next to a lion. This piece is stunningly lifelike, showcasing Tomoiaga's talent as a visual artist.