This Artist Puts Elsa Underwater and Snow White with the Beast

 - Sep 25, 2015
References: instagram & mashable
Dylan Bonner swapped Disney princesses' lives -- taking Mulan out of China and putting Elsa under the sea. Changing into each others' iconic outfits as well as their homes, these re-imaged characters show what it would look like for each Disney princess to be taken out of their natural environments.

Creatively showcasing how classic fairy tale stories would change, these images spark viewers' imaginative storytelling skills. For instance, how would things have ended if Elsa's powers were used underwater? Aside from the obvious disaster of freezing the sea, she would have been able to stop the fire on Prince Eric's boat -- meaning they would have never met.

The potential plot twists these scenes provoke prove how ingrained these stories are in our collective memories -- the images appearing unnatural and almost upsetting.