From Naughty Disney Couple Makeovers to Socialite Disney Princesses

 - Jan 26, 2016
These examples of naughty Disney illustrations range from LGBT princesses to Disney couple makeovers inspired by the sultry 50 Shades of Grey Film. Whether the characters are fully clothed or illustrated in a classic pin-up style, one can't deny the risque themes behind these masterpieces.

While an unnamed DeviantArt illustrator has captured famous Disney couples as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, Dylan Charles Bonner refashions classic Disney princesses with all the curves of Kim and Khole Kardashian.

Lastly, pin-up is the sexiest form of illustration and these masterpieces go on to include Andrew Tarusov's series of nearly nude Disney princesses as well as the aforementioned artist's series of pin-up Disney villains.