These Graphic Cartoons are Inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey

 - Feb 13, 2015
References: cosmopolitan
An unnamed DeviantArt illustrator conceived this series of Disney couple portraits that are inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey book series and recent film release. The artist has asked to remain anonymous due to the graphic content of his portraits that feature characters like Ariel and Eric as well as Belle and her Beast.

While Disney characters' love affairs are kept innocent for young audiences, this series shows bthem in some compromising positions. Each of these suggestive and naughty portraits is inspired by specific passages from the Fifty Shades of Grey books.

From whips and handcuffs to intimate bathing rituals, this series is definitely unexpected and may make some Disney fans uncomfortable. The series is definitely not safe for work and will make you see characters like Mulan, Aladdin and Cinderella in a whole other light.