These LGBT Disney Princess GIFs Challenge the Way the World Sees Romance

These mash-up LGBT Disney Princess couples are brilliant re-imaginings of traditional romances, pairing two classic Disney Princes and two beloved Disney Princesses.

Instead of rescuing Eric from Ursula, Ariel goes above sea level to find Jasmine. Hercules leaves on a heroic quest, but assures Aladdin that he'll be back for him. They're the classic romance stories Disney fans know so well, but these LGBT Disney Princess remakes challenge preconceived notions of who's allowed to live the perfect fairy tale.

Subversive Disney imagery has been popping up all over the Internet, from Disney princesses without makeup to Disney characters with realistic body shapes. These LGBT Disney Princess GIFs continue the movement, showing that the dazzling romances of Disney's classic movies can be just as thrilling when the boy-girl formula is overturned.