Trend Hunter's Laura McQuarrie Discusses Examples of Tinder Jokes and Parodies

 - Mar 19, 2015
It's said that more people are finding love online than ever before, which means people are also making fun of these methods with parodies and Tinder jokes. Trend Hunter Research Writer Laura McQuarrie counts down her top e-dating mockery picks, from dating app parodies to intoxicating dating stunts.

In an effort to get men to hit on women in person, the Bartinder campaign from Belgian beer brand Primus used fake female profiles and a beer voucher for two. The first episode of web series Local Attraction imitates a terrible Tinder date many can probably relate to. An E-Harmony parody also makes Tinder jokes, as it shows commercial actors trying to find the perfect one night stand. A Disney-inspired spoof called Tinderella depicts a female lead who finds happily ever after a brief encounter at the bar.