These Ink Drawings Incorporate Traditional Japanese Painting Style

 - Oct 1, 2015
References: rlonart & designfaves
These unique ink drawings by artist RLoN Wang incorporate elements of traditional Japanese art with psychedelic, fantastical themes and patterns.

The incredibly detailed ink drawings have so many of the images that appear in Japanese folk art: deep blue cresting waves, plentiful pink cherry blossoms, majestic mountains and sunsets. The technique also follows Japanese convention. The ink drawings use small, precise lines and teem with intricate repeated patterns. Details like sea foam, fish scales and foliage are reminiscent of the work of the Japanese woodblock prints of the early 1800s, such as the famous Great Wave off Kanagawa.

Using these traditional techniques, RLoN Wang depicts completely original fantasy scenes, replete with colorful animals, distant planets and tumultuous seas. The powerful ink drawings are a perfect blend of the delicate imaginings of Japanese art and the limitless fantasies of current pop culture.