The Paris Tattoo Club Creates Charming Doodle-Like Designs

 - Sep 28, 2015
The Paris Tattoo Club is making waves with its playfully doodled style of tattoos.

The Paris Tattoo Club is made up of French illustrator Jean Andre and tattoo artist Tarik, who has a widely followed Instagram account and is known under the name 'The Crayoner.' The Paris Tattoo Club's work is distinguishable by its unique, whimsical style. Their creations look like they could be simple pencil drawings, but the thoughtfulness and heart behind them is apparent in each piece. The tattoos range from cartoon clouds to delicately drawn pin-up girls to weighty quotes in hand-drawn cursive lettering. They often incorporate clever visual puns, like a book of matches with the text: "I burn for you."

The rise of tattoo culture has created a market for celebrity tattoo artists and internationally renowned collectives like the Paris Tattoo Club.