The 'Chill Drill' Uses Sand's Natural Insulation for Beer Cooling

 - Sep 14, 2015
References: coldtechchallenge
The Chill Drill is a concept design for a beer-cooling device created through the Cold Tech Challenge sponsored by the Swedish beer brand Norrlands Guld. The device looks like a high-tech beer can-filled screw. The screw is easily turned deep into sand, utilizing its natural insulating properties to the device's advantage. The screw contains a long hollow tube that can fit up to five cans of 330 ml beer and a sock-like container for easy accessibility. Perfect for the beach, the beer-cooling Chill Drill is portable and concealable.

This electricity-free beer-cooling system is eco-friendly and long-lasting as it uses the power of nature as opposed to relying on battery life. There is a clear void in portable beer-cooling products, that once filled will certainly improve and increase beer drinking as it keeps more beers drinkable for longer.