From Contorted Body Portraits to Mermaid Swimming Lessons

 - Jan 9, 2016
These 2015 unique trends range from conceptual art projects to unique hobbies like a Montreal swimming school that trains real-life mermaids while equipping them with tails and fins. As technology continues to consume most people's lives, many are left with little time for common hobbies and past-times. Consumers' busy schedules are making them desire more sensory experiences and products, often inspired by childhood nostalgia.

In addition to adult mermaid schools and immersive origami installations, other 2015 unique trends include product oddities like anime tea bags with a suggestive theme. While home decor and pet-centric novelties are discussed, other favorites include niche beauty products that are an effective alternative to invasive surgical procedures.

Furthermore, standouts like connected jewelry pieces and wearable art heels round out this list's fashion examples -- products often based on creativity rather than practicality or wearability. For more unique ideas that will help spark innovation, check out Trend Hunter's 2016 Trend Report.