Cafe Pele's Interactive Ad Reminds People of Their Need for Caffiene

 - May 27, 2015
References: cafepele & psfk
Cafe Pele uses a psychological tactic to remind people just how much they need, or perhaps simply want, a rejuvenating cup of coffee. Aptly dubbed the Contagious Billboard, it features a simple moving picture of a man who is constantly yawning. The frequency of his yawns are entirely dependent on the amount of people who pass him by.

Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Cafe Pele rounds out the clever experience with free fresh cups of coffee. Created in collaboration with Created by agency Lew Lora/TBWA, Cafe Pele's Contagious Billboard is outfitted with sensors to detect how many people are passing it.

Psfk notes, "Marketing 101 tells us that advertisers must create a need for the product and then demonstrate how the product fulfills that want. Contagious Billboard demonstrates how these basic principles can be implemented by using both technology and physical interaction in an integrated way."