Cropbox Blends Greenhouses and Hydroponics for Mobile Farming

 - Mar 5, 2015
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Combining hydroponics and a software monitoring system, Cropbox is a new mobile farming solution that provides the potential to grow crops throughout the year. Thanks to hydroponics, Cropbox claims to be able to use 90% less water and 80% less fertilizer than conventional agriculture, as well as turn out a higher number of yields.

In a single 320 square foot shipping container, there are spots for nearly 3,000 plants. The farm-in-a-box can be used to grow anything from strawberries to herbs, mushrooms and leafy greens, appealing to farmers, gardeners and even those who don't have green thumbs. As for its applications, the Cropboxes can be leased out as needed, showing plenty of promise for restaurants and feeding livestock.