From Surrealist Timepieces to Couture Pastry Shops

 - Jan 31, 2016
These 2015 luxury fashion trends aren't only limited to upscale clothing items and jewelry pieces but also include retail examples like Prada's opulent pop-up pastry shop. Full-service fashion cafes and couture eateries are some other notable examples that fall in line with brands' understanding of millennial sensibilities. In addition to offering exclusive products, luxury labels are creating an enhanced and sensory experience for shoppers whose retail trip is likely to include more than just a transaction.

In addition to memorable retail concepts and experiential marketing examples, these 2015 luxury fashion trends also include upscale clothing collections with a gamer-inspired or childlike theme. While Moschino's latest range pays tribute to video game icon Super Mario and his cast of friends, Dolce and Gabbana's couture doll range appeals to varying age groups -- from fashion-forward kids to adult toy collectors.

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