AppSnap From Opulent Jewelers is the Latest App for the 1%

 - Mar 30, 2015
References: opulentjewelers & opulentjewelers
AppSnap is a new app from Opulent Jewelers that makes it easier than ever before for individuals to sell their ultra-luxurious jewelry pieces online via consignment. Geared for pieces in the $30,000 plus price range, AppSnap truly is an app for the wealthiest 1%.

The most common problem with selling "pre-loved" luxury jewelry is that getting it in front of the wealthy target audience that can actually afford to buy it is almost impossible for individuals to do on their own. AppSnap solves that problem by helping individual jewelry sellers get their products listed on Opulent Jewelers' popular online store, which already has an established customer base of ultra high net-worth (UHNW) shoppers.

The app is very simple, and it guides the user through each step in the process: first, the user takes a photo of the luxury jewelry they wish to sell and sends it to Opulent Jewelers along with a product description. Opulent Jewelers then replies and lets the user know if they'll accept it, as well as a quote of how much they'll pay the user if it sells. If the user accepts the quote, they will be provided with a box which they can use to mail the piece to Opulent Jewelers' boutique in Feasterville, PA, where the piece will be polished, photographed, and listed on the site. Once the piece sells, the user will receive the amount of money which they were originally quoted. It's that easy!