From Sport-Focused Smartwatches to Nature-Inspired Timepieces

 - Jan 30, 2016
The top 2015 watches trends reveal that both digital and analog timepieces remain popular among consumers. Although smartwatches are bigger than ever before, many people still prefer the simplicity of a traditional timepiece.

The debut of the Apple Watch caused many consumers to make the shift from analog to digital. Unlike traditional watches, smartwatches now provide consumers with the ability to check emails, answer calls and even access directions directly from their wrist. These advanced features are important for busy professionals who may need more than just a smartphone to stay connected.

However, not all consumers have abandoned their favorite timepiece in favor of a wearable gadget. Indeed, the top 2015 watches trends reveal that many people are content with having a watch that can only be used to tell time. As a result, many analog watches are now characterized by minimalist features such as simple faces and neutral leather bands.

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