The Scent Rhythm Watch by Aisen Caro Chacin is Refreshingly Informative

 - May 12, 2015
References: aisencaro & gizmag
Scent Rhythm is the name of a unique watch that uses the sense of smell to tell the time rather than sight. A refreshing take on such information, it correlates a specific time of day with a scent that best represents it. For instance, in the morning the Scent Rhythm watch would emit the smell of coffee while the afternoon would bring money and the evening whisky.

Created by Aisen Caro Chacin, a Physical Computing Lecturer at The New School, New York, the Scent Rhythm watch is meant to help understand time in a more passive way. Over all, it's in tune with the person's circadian rhythm in order to convert the liquid scent into puffs of mist released strategically throughout the day.

The Scent Rhythm could also be used differently in the future such as releasing air-borne drugs.