From Waterproof Shower Speakers to Self-Cooling Bedroom Pillows

 - Apr 22, 2016
These affordable bed & bath products range from waterproof shower speakers to self-cooling bedroom pillows that can be customized by users. Available under $100, these home accessories fuse aesthetics with function and will appeal to budget-conscious audiences.

Those looking to cut costs while investing in a design they love will appreciate this collection of unique bed and bath products -- ranging from novelty soap dishes and shower caddies to upcycled and stick-on headboard solutions. Standouts include Fab's collection of clever wall decals that are easy to apply and remove on any flat surface. Resembling artistic headboard designs, these products help consumers achieve an elegant design look while sticking to a tight budget.

Other standouts include mood-setting smart bulbs and ambient lamps that aid with relaxation along with pocket-sized sleep trackers that help to monitor if users are getting enough rest on a daily basis.