Shapeways Lets You 3D Print Personalized Ceramic Home Decor Products

Shapeways, an online marketplace and community for personalized 3D-printed production, is offering a 3D printed ceramics service using glazed ceramics. This service will enable professional designers and hobbyists alike to create personalized ceramic tableware including plates, mugs, cutlery, salt & pepper shakers and more. The material is completely food-safe.

Other products that can be designed include decorative art, candle holders, soap dishes and other home decor. As far as price is concerned, a mug will cost around $20 to print while a vase can cost anywhere between $40 and $400.

The ceramic material used has a glossy finish and is smooth to the touch. The warmth and traditional appearance of ceramic will highlight objects' beauty and design, and inspire designers and consumers to create products that are functional around the home but also add a touch of elegance and class.