From Artisinal 3D-Printed Jewelry to 3D-Printed Muscle Cars

 - Jul 16, 2015
Since the rise of the 3D printer, 3D-printed innovations have been capturing the attention of all audiences. From fashion fans to car geeks, these printed creations range from interesting to wildly bizarre.

3D-printed jewelry makes the perfect accessories for fashion and tech fans. Nervous System's 3D-printed necklaces portray a futuristic look that are complemented by the brand's 'Floraform' floral collection. For the automobile lovers, these 3D-printed innovations feature a line of contemporary cars. The Local Motors Strati model is a vintage-looking automobile that is ready for the road, whereas the brand's SmartCart is strictly for research purposes.

These 3D-printed innovations also include modern architecture such as 3D-printed office buildings located in Dubai.