Makerbot's Official Uglydolls Toys Make Unconventional Action Figures

After taking the world by storm with its line of soft plush toys, Uglydolls is now making it so that you can print your own officially licensed 3D Uglydoll models through MakerBot.

Characters like Babo, Ox, Wage and Ice-Bat are fully posable and can be printed for as little as $1.99, or as a set of four for $4.99. In addition to the individual figurines, there's an Uglydoll tour bus to take the quirky critters on an imaginary adventure, as well as small playsets like cookie shops, lemonade stands and miniature toy shops that are also available to 3D print. In order to ensure that the Uglydolls come out in the exact colors, Makerbot also sells the filaments for printing on its Replicator 2, Replicator Mini and 5th generation Replicators.