From Customizable Wine Packages to Bespoke Candy Boxes

 - Dec 23, 2015
These personalized gift ideas range from customizable wine bottles to bespoke 3D-printed shoes that are designed to mold to one's foot perfectly. In addition to luxury clothing items and accessories that are made to order -- Prada's bespoke designer heels were available for a limited time at a London pop-up shop -- other favorites include budget-friendly gits like monogrammed mugs and even charming clothing hangers that are ideal for a winter wedding.

Furthermore, examples like customizable smartwatches blend style and technology while personal hazelnut spread packages from iconic brand Nutella satisfy one's sweet tooth. Other unique examples from this collection of personalized gifts include scientific face serums that can be customized to one's skin type along with 3D-printed selfies that transform digital images into collectible figurines.