This Christmas Snow Globe Uses Real Jewels and a 3D Family Portrait

These luxury Christmas snow globes contain real diamonds and a custom 3D family portrait.

Priced at $5,000 per holiday statue, the Christmas snow globes are sure to make highly treasured personalized gifts. The white, sparkly snow in the Christmas snow globes is actually made of real diamonds. The little figurines captured in each sphere are handcrafted, painted and customized to each globe's giftee. They can be created in the image of each member of a family, including pets, and are arranged in adorable wintertime scenes: playful snowball fights, adventurous ski excursions or snowman-making contests, for example.

At the holidays, ambitious gifters seek out the most memorable bespoke items for their loved ones. These luxury Christmas snow globes show a level of care and personalization that will certainly appeal to high-end shoppers.