This Smartwatch is Made from Easily Replaceable Modules

 - Nov 11, 2015
References: kickstarter & uncrate
The 'Blocks Modular Smartwatch' is a wearable tech accessory that is made from easily replaceable modules. Although smartwatches are highly convenient devices, they are not the most fashionable item. This innovative smartwatch gives users a way to show of their own personal style without giving up their high-tech device.

The Blocks Modular Smartwatch is a customizable device that allows users to add whatever features they need. The device features a primary smartwatch component, which is compatible with a series of easily replaceable modules. These modular pieces allow users to add extra features to the strap of their device, such as an extra battery, a heart rate monitor or even a GPS. These extra pieces are not only practical, but they come in a range of colorful hues and eye-catching patterns that help transform the simple device into a stylish accessory.

The Blocks Modular Smartwatch is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to bring the modular smartwatch to market.