Inkpact Sends Custom Handwritten Notes to Clients or Loved Ones

 - Oct 7, 2015
References: producthunt & inkpact
In the world of chain emails, mast texts and anonymous posts, handwritten notes can go such a long way in creating an impression or providing a lasting memory.

That's the concept behind Inkpact, an online service that sends beautiful customized, handwritten notes on behalf of any organization or individual. Inkpact believes that if a company needs to contact clients to reach out, say thank you or extend a proposal, handwritten notes provide a way to do so that is much harder to dismiss or forget than even the most personalized email missive. The letter-writing startup also provides services for occasions where handwritten notes are a more traditional medium -- for example writing wedding invitations or place cards for formal dinners.

Many new ventures are carving out a niche market by turning away from the overarching technological advances that define modern business and are instead capturing consumer preference for more emotionally connected analog items and practices. Inkpact's handwritten notes are an excellent example of this movement.