Copypastry Creates Biscuits Moulds Shaped as People's Faces

 - Nov 13, 2015
References: etsy & foodiggity
For those foodies looking for an edible self-portrait to enjoy, Etsy shop owner Copypastry has cleverly found a way to turn images of peoples' faces into cookie cutters. This allows bakers at home to make as many cookies as they'd like resembling themselves for a meta snack to enjoy.

Copypastry is a shop located in Hungary that specifies in making personalized cookie cutters. Customers interested simply send the Etsy shop an image of their visage and Copypastry takes care of the rest, creating detailed cookie cutters that capture the uniqueness of each individual with a handcrafted silicone mould. The biscuit cutters offer a detailed impression and can perfectly replicate small details such as glasses, smiles and facial hair. Bakers can use the moulds to create cookies for parties, events and social gatherings.