From Domestic Oven Bread-Makers to Ultra-Precise Measuring Spoons

 - Dec 24, 2016
From shortbread cookies to pumpkin pies, bakers are one of the reasons that the holiday season is something to look forward to, so it's only fair that they get the baking gifts they want in exchange.

Baking is the science of the food world, and many baking gifts are essentially tools for a baker's laboratory. The Fourneau Bread Oven, for example, lets avid bakers turn their normal ovens into cast-iron ovens specifically for bread. Further, the 'Levoons' from the MoMA store make measuring ingredients perfectly precise.

Some bakers have all the gear but just need some inspiration. For those people, baking mixes are a great option: something like the Boardwalk Food Company's beer baking mixes that help bakers incorporate some ale into their dough.