This Flat Whisk Is Curled Up for Use, and Unrolled for Easy Cleaning

 - Dec 28, 2015
References: & yankodesign
Avid bakers will quite quickly realize the great benefit of this flat whisk design. The culinary implement does take the general form of your standard effective whipper when it's furled up, but it is in its ability to change shape that can really bring efficiency and convenience to the process of cooking.

What's significant about Serge Atallah's Geisha Whisk is it's actually made from a flat sheet of plastic, laser cut to create creases and define the spines. The fold lines facilitate the malleability of the flat whisk, enabling you to hold it rolled up in your fist, but to uncurl it when it comes time to wash the dishes. This product reminds designers that it is always worth reevaluating and rethinking everyday items; just because their forms are well-established, does not mean there's no room for improvement.