From Nutrient-Preserving Cookers to Portable Coffee Makers

 - Feb 28, 2016
From nutrient-preserving pressure cookers that can be programmed for perfect results to portable coffee makers that facilitate on-the-go brewing, the top February 2016 kitchen trends demonstrate a shift in the way consumers are approaching home cooking.

One of the most interesting kitchen innovations is the rise of tech-integrated appliances that simplify the cooking process. With products ranging from connected kitchen scales to meal-making robots, there is a growing demand for products that give consumers greater control over what they are cooking.

Beyond giving outdated appliances a high-tech upgrade, the February 2016 kitchen trends also demonstrate a growing emphasis on convenience. As kitchens continue to shrink in size and food delivery becomes more accessible, there is a need for appliances that make home cooking faster and more efficient. Some examples of convenient kitchen products include egg-cooking toasters that prepare two breakfast items at once, automated slow cookers that can be controlled remotely and portable coffee makers for on-the-go brewing.