'MyKnife' Enables One to Design a Knife to Their Exact Specifications

The market for custom goods is expanding at a rapid rate with retailers like 'MyKnife' that enable consumers to design a knife or other customized products popping up.

Offering the ability for chefs of all kinds to design a knife that fits their specifications and needs perfectly, 'MyKnife' offers intuitive software for customizing everything from the blade, to the handle and more. Currently funding on Kickstarter, 'MyKnife' comes from Italy and provides the ability for exceptional products to be obtained without having to worry about finding a retailer in one's own city or town.

With all the products crafted in Italy, 'MyKnife' enables consumers to reach their fullest potential with high-quality utensils that are more approachable to obtain than having to visit specialty retailers in-person.