From VR Automobile Showrooms to Sock Subscription Services

 - Feb 28, 2016
These February 2016 business trends range from VR automobile showrooms to sock subscription services that offer a premium product range for accessory enthusiasts. When examining the month's top branding and marketing innovations, standouts include Cadbury's immersive retail experiences. These included a pop-up Christmas grotto and a similar interactive photobooth that celebrated the chocolatier's 'Festive Joy' campaign. Both examples transform a classic mall or supermarket trip into a sensory experience and are designed to appeal to consumers of all ages.

In the food and beverage realm, customized tea startups and homemade meal delivery apps round out these February 2016 business innovations. While more consumers are desiring fresh and pre-made meals that marry taste with convenience, upscale food markets and hobbyist beer shops target a niche demographic of foodies and craft brew lovers.