The C_29 / Optimist Eyewear Store is a Futuristic Boutique in Greece

 - Dec 29, 2015
The C_29 / Optimist eyewear store in Chalcis, Greece is a stunning ultramodern retail space that facilitates multiple functions. Designed by Athens-based 314 architecture studio, the retail space is characterized by its natural stone walls, whiteout palate and subtle geometric lines. The store also features a dramatic conceptual courtyard outlined by a black steel cube frame and boasting a mirrored element that serves to connect the interior and exterior of the space simultaneously.

The C_29 / Optimist eyewear store is just one in a host of highly innovative optic retail concepts that have emerged recently. These immersive approaches focus on added value to the shopping experience in a time when the eyewear market is being revolutionized by direct-to-consumer business models like that of Warby Parker and Clearly Contacts.