From Intuitive Grocery Stores to Pharmacy Beauty Bars

 - Mar 25, 2016
These examples of retailer brand merchandising range from intuitive grocery displays to pharmacy beauty boutiques that aim to spotlight local skincare and makeup collections. Standouts include Rexall's in-house beauty bar that pairs local brand offerings with goods from the drugstore's private label The Kit. This juxtaposition of products is a strategic way for The Kit's range to appear more exclusive despite of its lower price point.

In addition to revamped pharmacy interiors, other notable examples include dynamic nail polish shelves and sterile sunglasses displays. Loblaws' Joe Fresh clothing brand is known for its clean and minimalist brand identity, referenced to make its in-store merchandising units more eye-catching to shoppers.

Similarly, Sephora's recent self promotion tactic relies on visual merchandising as an effective marketing tool. Store displays with an interactive component are just one of the ways the company is promoting its in-house makeup collection while standing apart from competitors.