Supermarket WM's In-Store Merchandising Features Vivid Hues and Icons

 - Aug 31, 2016
References: pointdesigninc
Supermarket WM is a grocery store that features food iconography signage that is used as a wayfinding tool for its visitors -- while the shop's frozen food aisle boasts a vibrant green partition that signifies freshness, its produce aisle is surrounded by neutral fixtures that allow for the colors of fresh fruit and vegetables to stand out.

Located in Makati City, Philippines, the grocery store boasts a sterile and minimalist decor style that is elevated with graphic signage, color-coded partitions and block text accents. Additionally, the retail space is bright and airy, directly bringing Supermarket's WM's freshness-focused brand ethos to life. The space is the work of Point Design Inc, an agency specializing in immersive retail environments.

This retail space is open and airy while featuring the right amount of eye-catching design accents that draw consumers in while effectively displaying food products.