From Digital Detox Resorts to Connected Cruise Wearables

 - Mar 23, 2017
These examples of Boomer lifestyle marketing range from digital detox resorts to connected cruise ship wearables that make one's travel experience a more personalized and convenient one. In addition to examples like Carnival's Ocean Medallion wearables, other standouts in the realm of travel include opulent cruise ship pubs like Pacific Explorer's The Bonded Store along with beautifying red wine treatments like the one offered at Tuscan resort and spa Castello di Casole.

Thanks to its appreciation for luxury goods and services, the Boomer demographic is known for indulging in experiences that are entertaining while improving quality of life. Some examples related to this state of mind include culinary cycling tours that explore farm-to-fork cooking while partnering with local wineries or distilleries.

Additional examples of Boomer lifestyle marketing include recipe-suggesting grocery store displays and artisanal alcohol gifts that are both elegantly branded and functional.