Difference Coffee Co. is Sold Exclusively at Luxury Hotels and Resorts

 - Mar 9, 2017
References: differencecoffee & newsweek
Coffee pods are more readily associated with convenience than they are luxury, but Difference Coffee Co. is aiming to change that conception one cup at a time. Though the coffee comes exclusively in pods, Difference Coffee's various blends have a world-class flavor profiles that make them suitable for some impressively lux locales.

Among the places that serve Difference Coffee are the Palace Hotel in Gstaad, Switzerland, and the Hinds Head restaurant in Berkshire, England, which is run by renowned chef Heston Blumenthal. Though the coffee pods are available for purchase to the general public, Difference Coffee Co. places a relatively stringent limit on the maximum purchase amount, preserving the cache of the brand.

There are several different blends of the pods available, including Wild Kopi Luwak (often called the world's most expensive coffee) and Jamaica Blue Mountain (sourced from the same beans famously preferred by James Bond in Ian Fleming's novels.)