From Latex Sock Stilettos to Aged Alcohol Timepieces

 - Apr 8, 2017
Some of the most extravagant April 2017 luxury products include bespoke sports cars with unusual interior finishes, high-end coffee roasts that can only be had at select resorts and airline travel cruises.

While items like designer handbags and upscale timepieces have long been associated with the world of luxury, brands are taking products like these to new heights by integrating novel features. Notable examples include the Glenlivet 1862 Whisky Watch, which has the world's oldest scotch whiskey inside of it, and Rebecca Minkoff's newest handbags, which will all boast QR codes going forward to grant loyal customers access to exclusive events and in-store deals.

Although a number of these new luxury products may seem to borderline on the bizarre, they stand out as unique collector's items that differ greatly from items that most others are likely to own already.