Coleccion Alexandra Offers Home Cinema Seating With a Luxe Flair

Coleccion Alexandra is trying to change the nature of home cinema seating. The market is currently dominated by narrow lazy-boys or fighter-jet bucket seats. These are perfectly acceptable for a man cave but do not sit comfortably in a luxury cinema room, built for the whole family.

Coleccion Alexandra created two new ranges of home cinema seating that sit as seamlessly in a luxurious living room as they would a cinema room. The Boston collection and the Cosmopol collection have all the usual features of a cinema seat. From extendable leg rests and neck rests to USB ports and refrigerated cup holders. However, the real beauty is that when this home cinema seating is un-extended, the seating looks like a simple luxury plush sofa. Even the controls are hidden so that the aesthetics are not disturbed.

The Boston range has an amazing function. Rather than extending like a normal cinema seat, the whole base of the sofa extends out to create a giant chaise or daybed. This feature is wonderfully innovative and is particularly useful if you are trying to save on space. This is Coleccion Alexandra's first venture into the world of home cinema seating but the brand promises to build on these collections in the future.