- Apr 30, 2017
April 2017 home trends reveal the continuation of the increase in homes that blend well into their surroundings, as well as innovations in simple yet important aspects of the home that can go overlooked.

The Sacramento Modern Residence was designed by the US studio Klopf Architecture with the purpose of the final structure being able to blend perfectly with its surrounding environment. The resulting residence's neutral, earthy colors and large windows are able to maintain a space that is both modern and conscious of architecture's effect on its surroundings aesthetically.

The Chamberlain MyQ Internet Gateway was created for garages, and is able to improve security in a home without too much effort on the homeowner's part. The device connects to homeowners' smartphones and is able to control their garages from wherever they are, ensuring that the lights are on and off when needed, and that the garage door is closed when no one is home.

From Biologically Blending Homes to Security-Monitoring Garage Devices: