The Zelda Home Automation System is Controlled by N64 Songs

 - Mar 22, 2017
References: sploid.gizmodo
You have to be both a hardcore gamer and pretty tech-savvy if you want to imitate Allen Pan's Zelda home automation system. Put simply, the complex setup is Raspberry Pi-based (a tiny and inexpensive computer) and connects to household items via WiFi-enabled modules. This allows Pan to unlock his front door or turn on the humidifier simply by playing songs from an ocarina.

But these aren't just any songs, as eagle-eyed fans of the Zelda series know. Zelda home automation works only when the songs played are from the classic N64 game "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time." The end result is a pretty ingenious, if a bit nerdy, smart house that can have all its major functions controlled via music.

While Pan's instrument of choice is an ocarina, the Zelda home automation setup could potentially also work with other instruments and songs.