- Apr 2, 2017
These April 2017 gadgets range from workout recommendation trackers to baby activity monitors that are designed to ensure newborns are healthy during early development stages.

Other gadgets to take note of range from flow programming blocks to augmented reality globes that are an educational toy for children looking to improve their geography skills. Additional smart toy examples include S'wapBots' -- buildable robot toys that exist in both physical and digital spaces -- along with social media drones like Snapchat's latest product offering. The drone allows users to snap photos and videos before connecting to their mobile channels in seconds, a unique integration feature that will appeal to those who frequent social media often.

Additional April 2017 gadgets include connectivity-enabling switches, portable smartphone connectivity hubs and even floor rug alarm clocks that are designed with both convenience and customization in mind.

From Workout Recommendation Trackers to Baby Activity Monitors: