The 'Tempo' Concept Headphones Let You Set the BPM to Suit Activity

 - Mar 24, 2017
References: yankodesign
Humans will naturally walk, run or move to the beat of music, so the 'Tempo' conceptual beat headphones work to make the most of this notion by offering an unexpected functionality.

The 'Tempo' headphones enable users to not pick the type of music they want to listen to but to rather pick the BPM in order to better accommodate their present activity such as running, walking or working out.

The 'Tempo' beat headphones provide users with music from services such as Apple Music or Spotify in order to make the kind of music you listen to nearly limitless in the grand scheme of available tracks. The 'Tempo' conceptual earbud headphones are the design work of Gianni Teruzzi.