- Apr 29, 2017
In the sporting era of 3-1 comebacks, the April sports trends demonstrate a reflection of the improbable coming to fruition despite astronomical odds. Once, sports represented the purest form of human competition, but anyone with such a backdated philosophy would today be stunned by modern advances in sports science, advances that extend far beyond what anybody or any body could do alone.

The Columbia Montrail line is a perfect example of those scientific improvements. Marathons used to be the longest runs in which anyone in their right mind would compete, but soon Iron Man races gained in popularity, and eventually 100-plus mile-long 'ultras' became common enough to inspire major sports apparel companies' products. Such races would hardly be possible in the first place were it not for increased research into training techniques and technology.

From Boozy Brunch Marathons to Body-Positive Sportswear: