The Pirelli Blossom Skis Cut Vibrations by 60 Percent

 - Mar 30, 2017
References: pirellidesign & newatlas
Auto enthusiasts will be instantly intrigued by the Pirelli Blossom Skis. For those who aren't car nuts, all you need to know is that Pirelli is one of the world's premier tire manufacturers. That should tip you off to the fact that these skis are made partly out of rubber. The rubber makes up one layer of the skis. The rest of the construction features more commonplace materials like fiberglass, wood and metal.

However, that small layer of rubber in the Pirelli Blossom Skis is said to reduce vibrations by as much as 60 percent. This ensures that skiers stay firmly planted when dealing with rough terrain. The Pirelli Blossom Skis are being made in a limited run of just 770 units and will sell for $1,510, a price which includes bindings. If these skis perform and sell as expected other manufacturers will undoubtedly take notice and start experimenting with rubber.