The Lumo Wearable Run Sensor Clip Improves Cardio Routines

The Lumo Wearable Run Sensor Clip is outfitted with a bevy of sensors that work to provide users with a way to track their workout in real-time and get feedback through their headphones as they go.

The Lumo clip will provide pre- and post-workout recommendations that are based on the geographic area that you're in. This makes it possible to diversify your workouts without having to completely deviate from your routine or preferred area for working out.

The Lumo Wearable Run Sensor Clip features five biomechanics that keep track of your bounce, cadence, pelvic drop, braking and rotation. This ensures that you are partaking in a vigorous workout that isn't going to put you at risk of injuring yourself during the various parts of the workout process.