- Apr 30, 2017
These April 2017 mobile trends feature a wide range of apps, services, accessories, and more.

One app that's featured is 'Splish,' a mobile dating service that requires users to play games to get matches, rather than just swipe right when they see a picture that they like. By playing the games, users are able to find someone with common interests in a much more entertaining way, as they're required to answer questions regarding deal-breakers and personal preferences. Also featured in these April 2017 mobile trends is a new Instagram update, which includes "sensitive content" filters, which are intended to make the social platform a safer and more positive space for all.

In addition are multipurpose smartphone chargers, aerospace-engineered mobile cases, location-tracking child wearables, and titanium cellphone exteriors.

From Smart Vending Machine Apps to Connected Swimming Devices: