'Woman Interrupted' Measures How Many Times a Woman is Interrupted by Men

 - Mar 8, 2017
References: itunes.apple & adeevee
'Woman Interrupted' is the name of an app from BETC in São Paulo, Brazil that aims to reduce what it calls "Manterrupting," the term it uses to describe when men interrupt women unnecessarily.

BETC believes that "Equal rights start with equal voices," so it created an app that makes it possible for a woman to discover how many times she is being interrupted in day-to-day conversations. At the same time, the app helps to make men aware of their actions.

To begin using the app, a woman must first calibrate her own voice by speaking the words: "I will not be interrupted anymore." Throughout the day, the app takes note of interruptions and creates tallies and charts of instances when a woman did not get the chance to speak her mind.