- Apr 1, 2017
As the March 2017 multimedia trends reveal, digital experiences are now becoming more accessible than ever before. This not only refers to VR devices, but also to more futuristic technology such as touch-controlled projected interfaces.

In terms of VR, the March 2017 multimedia trends highlight more diverse applications for virtual technology. For instance, Gillette recently used VR to immerse consumers in a virtual shaving experience. Similarly, Sotheby's is now using a VR art experience to drive sales.

However, the March 2017 multimedia trends reveal that these new digital experiences go beyond VR alone. For instance, Sony's new Xperia Touch Projector is designed to augment any flat surface into an instant touchscreen display. Another outstanding example is the Punchkeyboard, which gives users the ability to type on virtual keyboards and input keystrokes in a digital environment.

From VR Shaving Simulators to Intuitive Projection Interfaces: