The 'Nomad' Wearable Technology Device Guides the Visually Impaired

 - Feb 9, 2017
References: yankodesign
The 'Nomad' wearable technology device is designed to help those with visual impairments to navigate a city or location without having to feel out of touch with their surroundings. Utilizing LiDAR technology, the 'Nomad' is inspired by the technology at work within autonomous car projects. This makes the wearable 'Nomad' headset capable of being used to guide users through busy cities, traffic and new neighborhoods without feeling as though they are unaware of what's around them.

The 'Nomad' wearable technology device is the design work of Jorge Enrique Paez and relies on Blindscape (a mapping app for the visually impaired) to offer users audio feedback to ensure they are always heading in the correct direction of their final destination.