- Apr 1, 2017
While fitness is often the key category when it comes to health concepts, the March 2017 health trends are dominated more by what people put into their bodies than how people exercise them. Health-focused foods and beverages are targeted at people across all demographics and interests in terms of the branding as well as the products themselves.

For some people, healthy living goes hand in hand with sustainability. The Venn diagram of people who are dedicated to clean eating and people who are dedicated to environmental friendliness has a large overlap, and companies are doing their best to satisfy such a desire. 'Coronel Zangao' honey, for example, is nutritious while being farmed with traditional, sustainable practices.

For others, healthy eating is all about functionality: maximizing the efficiency of what one consumes. 'Optimist' offers energy bars for these folk, with each bar designed to fulfill a specific need.

From Air Filtration Scarves to Sexuality-Enhancing Cannabis: