These 'Smart Benches' Offer a Unique Way to Donate to Cancer Research

Contactless donation systems are becoming a popular way for organizations to collect funds from the public and Cancer Research UK is now also using this technology to encourage people to donate to cancer research.

Cancer Research UK teamed up with smart city business Strawberry Energy and the MKTG agency for the creation of solar-powered 'Smart Benches' that provide a place to sit, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity and phone-charging ports. With a tap of one's credit or debit card, it's also possible to make a £2 donation to Cancer Research UK.

On the use of smart street furniture for this initiative, MKTG's Michael Brown remarks: "The Smart Cities economy is going to be worth an estimated £400 [billion] by 2020, and UK industry is targeting 10% of that – which is twice the value of what the entire UK advertising sector was worth in 2016."